Steganos Internet Anonym  v.7

This software hides Web surfers' real IP addresses from Web site operators and marketers. Steganos Internet Anonym 7 offers automatic product updates, the capability to change camouflage identities every second, the elimination of popup ads,

Shota Rustaveli - eBook - in English  v.4 2

Read a full text of Shota Rustaveli's poem - The Knight in the Tiger Skin - in English. with 17th century miniatures by anonym. Enrich your digital library!


ANObrowse  v.1.0.4

ANObrowse is the number one browser for secure surfing without providing your true IP address! By using anonymous proxies, it's not longer you who browses the web - it's the proxy that does so.

E-Capsule™ Private Browser HD  v.

The e-Capsule™ Private Browser HD is a browser that will make your anonymous surfing the web safe. If you want to safeguard your personal information from people's eyes then this program is for you.

ArchiCrypt Rescue-Master 2008  v.

Whether it was your fault or a glitch in Windows, isn't it always the most important file that gets deleted and cannot be recovered? That's Murphy's Law.

ArchiCrypt Shredder  v.

Securely deleting files is not quite as easy as it appears at first. The operating system does not really remove the data; references to the content are simply removed and it is easy to reconstruct this data using the appropriate program.

ArchiCrypt Shedder  v.3

Permanently remove files with ArchiCrypt Shredder. This software cleans free space on hard drives,

SaferSurf4Free - Technology by SaferSurf  v.2.0

SaferSurf4Free - Automated Scans and Deletion of Infected Files on the Web.

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